Spread The Love: Refer A Friend 

Spread The Love 

Now you can share your love for our products with your friends and get rewarded for it. Here's how it works:

-Head to your rewards program page to find your personalized referral link.
-Share this link with your friends and family. They shop, you earn: When your friends use your link to make a purchase, they'll receive a special welcome offer, and you'll earn shells to redeem awesome rewards!

 The more friends you refer who purchase, the more shells you'll rack up. These points can be redeemed for exciting rewards like discounts and free products! Ready to start referring? Grab your personal link and start spreading the love!

How To Earn

But wait there's more! Every time you refer not only do you collect shells, but you get one step closer to discounts and free Shell Dust. Here's a breakdown of the exciting rewards you can earn:

-Refer 1 friend and get a 50% discount code!
-Refer 3 friends and score 1 FREE jars Shell Dust!
-Become a referral superstar by referring 5 friends and redeem your prize of 2 additional jars of Shell Dust!


From now until the end of the year, all referring customers are entered into a contest to win incredible prizes for being our top referrers!

-1st Place: Free Shell Dust for a year! Keep your shimmer going all year long.
-2nd Place: 50% off for a year! Stock up on your favorites at a discount.
-3rd Place: 20% off for a year! Treat yourself (and your friends!) to savings.

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